Project Director
Clifford E. Wulfman
Board of Directors
  • Sandra Ludig Brooke, Librarian, Marquand Library of Art and Archaeology
  • Stephen Ferguson, Assistant University Librarian for Rare Books & Special Collections & Curator of Rare Books
  • Joshua Kotin, Assistant Professor, Department of English
  • David Magier, Associate University Librarian for Collection Development
  • Meredith Martin, Associate Professor, Department of English
  • Efthymia Rentzou, Associate Professor, Department of French and Italian
  • Darwin F. Scott, Music Librarian, Arthur Mendel Music Library
  • Jean Bauer, Associate Director, Center for Digital Humanities
Editorial Team (current)
  • Jennifer Goslee
Editorial Team (past)
  • Juliette Appold
  • Mark Armstrong
  • Julia Khait
  • Sophie Seita
  • Tanvi Solanki
  • Carol Chiodo
  • Philip Gleissner
  • Rex Hatfield
  • Thomas Keenan
  • Sarah Lynch
  • Mark Pettus
  • Joel Westerdale
  • Ben Williams
  • Ashley Lzevnick
Mick LeTourneaux, Rare Books Conservator
Roel Muñoz, Digital Initiatives Imaging Manager